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Podcast: What Are You Worthy Of?

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Welcome to the JenningsWire online magazine podcast series where we feature interviews with top authors and experts.

Monika Laschkolnig is the author of 1 Question That Can Change Your Life: Unleash The Power Of Your Self-Worth To Secure Success, Happiness, Love and Fulfillment In Your Life. She’s an educator, businesswoman and an Austrian representative of the International Council For Self-Esteem.

Monika offers mentoring, seminars and workshops internationally on discovering the power of self-worth as the basis of every success.

She teaches how to experientially distinguish inner guidance of your higher self from the voice of your ego; how to integrate intuition in all areas of life and get access to your inner strength.

In this JenningsWire online magazine podcast, Monika reveals how to discover what you are worthy of!

  • What happens in our lives when we feel unworthy?
  • How do you start feeling worthy of success and good things happening to you?
  • What is the ONE question that can change your life?
  • Why is feeling deserving different that feeling worthy?
  • What is the first step to rediscovering your self-worth?

To connect with Monika and learn more about her book 1 Question That Can Change Your Life and her services including international mentoring and workshops on discovering the power of self-worth, please visit her website  WhatAreYouWorthyOf.com.

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