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Up & Coming Bridal Websites To Watch & Bookmark

Bridal Consultant Chamein Canton, is always on the lookout for new and useful bridal websites and she likes these two.  Here’s why! In addition to all the shows, I had an opportunity to meet with up and coming bridal e-publishers and [...]

Podcast: Give Your Career A Vacation!

Listen Here: JenningsWire blogger and Career Strategist, Sherri Thomas is the Founder and President of Career Coaching 360 and best-selling author of The Bounce Back, which won the 2013 award for best career book from Indie Book Awards. Sherri [...]

Why You (And Your Career) Need A Vacation

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I just returned home after renting an ocean-view condo in Newport Beach for one month. One full month of playing at the beach, building sandcastles, staring out at the ocean and digging my toes into wet sand and then watching it [...]

Three Rules To Making Great Art

Play. Play more. Play harder I’m not kidding. Play is perhaps the most important thing you can do in order to create. I will go so far to say that it may be more important than taking lessons or earning degree in any form of art. Why? Because [...]

Podcast: How To Take An Idea For Product & Make It A Reality

Listen Here: Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning inventor. In 2010, an unfortunate accident resulted in a broken foot and an awful medical boot. Her search for a way to dress up the boot led to the founding of her company, [...]

Simple Practices That Lead To Success

Do you have a simple set of guidelines that keep you focused on your creative goals? If you are someone who creates you must have the skill set to be an independent worker. Someone who is a self-starter and can design, develop and manage a project [...]

Gathering Creative Nuggets

As you go about your day, do you think about what you need to create your next masterpiece? Many artists do. When do you find inspiration throughout your daily tasks? Some creative folks sit down in the wee hours of the morning and pound out [...]