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Podcast: Give Your Career A Vacation!

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JenningsWire blogger and Career Strategist, Sherri Thomas is the Founder and President of Career Coaching 360 and best-selling author of The Bounce Back, which won the 2013 award for best career book from Indie Book Awards.

Sherri has been featured in major media including TIME Magazine, the Wall St Journal, Smart Money and many more outlets for her career advice.

In this podcast, Sherri reveals how to ignite your energy, creativity and innovation by giving your career an extended vacation. How do you do this? Enjoy this innovative, fun and life-changing interview and find out!

Give Your Career A Vacation!

  • What do you mean by giving your career a vacation?
  • How extended of a vacation should you take? Won’t a week be enough to be refreshed?
  • Why can’t you think new thoughts and ideas when you are working like a dog?
  • What should you be thinking about on your vacation?
  • What advice do you have for those that just can’t jump off the hamster wheel?

To learn more about Career Strategist, Sherri Thomas, her books and services, please visit her site CareerCoaching360.com.

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