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Fleeting Pleasures: Manufactured Happiness

Today, you may take a trip to Disney World for the ride of a lifetime. A quick excursion on a Caribbean cruise promises to whisk you away from the world’s troubles. Drug stores offer pills to cure your headaches, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. [...]

Friendships Are Worth More Than Gold!

True friendships are gifts beyond measure and for most of us, real treasures for us in life. We all deserve to have friendships that call to our hearts and souls – that push and pull us as we discover our innermost truths and strengths. Sometimes, [...]

Do Not Let Your Friends Pressure You Into Getting Married

I have many friends who pressure me to get into a relationship and to get married right away. I believe that getting married because your friends and relatives get on your case is a big mistake. Here are six tips on how I deal with my friends [...]

How I Managed My Anxieties Of Making Friends And Meeting People

There were times I got nervous in meeting people and making new friends. There were times that I worried about what people would think of me, and how I should act around people who I did not know. Here are some suggestions on how I reduced my [...]

Safeguarding Friendships: A Way To Care For You & Your Friends

It’s been said that a “best friend” constitutes a miracle of the universe. During your lifetime, you attach to certain individuals who “mesh” with you mentally, spiritually and physically.  At first, you share the weather, sports [...]

Good Friends & Best Friends

Sometimes in life it is hard to keep up with all the latest customs, like BFF, good friends and best friends. There seems to be such a difference between them. A good friend will tell you what you want to hear.  A best friend will tell you [...]