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Friendships Are Worth More Than Gold!

True friendships are gifts beyond measure and for most of us, real treasures for us in life.

We all deserve to have friendships that call to our hearts and souls – that push and pull us as we discover our innermost truths and strengths.

Sometimes, I think we settle for less because we don’t know what to look for in friends and when we realize the friendship will not or cannot provide what we really need – we are disappointed.

To seek quality friends, we need to learn how to be a quality friend first.

Some suggestions in our quest for new friends:

We need to learn to be a good listener and not to share with others what you are told of another’s inner life.  Privacy of information is essential in building trust in the friendship.

Move slowly before trying to share all of your struggles and challenges.  Be honest and truthful.  Practice compassion, meaning, listen with an open heart and withhold judgment.

Compassion is a quality that is learned through practice.  Express gratitude often for those who support you.

Having quality friendships in life is enhancing and soothes our soul, especially during stressful, lonely times and for our moments of sheer happiness.

Developing the above skills may take some time and patience, but the investment is well worth it as you will experience new and fulfilling qualities in your friendships.

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