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Expectations Lead To Disappointment And Heartbreak

“If he really loves me, he’ll change.” How many times have you heard a woman in a new romantic relationship utter those words? With that sentiment she creates an expectation that this new person in her life wants to and will change a part [...]

Podcast: Finding Your Soul Mate

Listen Here: Rick Soetebier is the co-author of Dating Backward: A practical guide to dating and finding your soul mate.  In this podcast, Rick helps listeners find dating success by going back to the basics of dating. Finding Your Soul Mate What [...]

Podcast: Spring into Action…B.L.O.O.M!

Listen Here: Misha Granado MPH, MS, is the founder of and principal consultant for Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants, a boutique firm focused on helping people cultivate healthy relationships and author of It’s Your Season to B.L.O.O.M! [...]

How Do You Define Being Grown Up?

I recently talked to a guy I hadn’t seen in almost two years who told me that he had gotten married in that time and was now expecting a baby. Well, his wife was actually the one carrying the fetus; this isn’t Junior after all. What got [...]

What Is Love?

Besides being a catchy techno song by Haddaway, that is. I’ve recently been going through my old diary entries from high school and the first couple of years post-graduation, and boy, what an eye-opener. It’s been long enough since these [...]

A Love Letter To My Grandparents

I just returned from a trip to my hometown where I attended my grandfather’s funeral. My incredibly beloved grandpa of ninety died quite suddenly of cancer only two weeks after the diagnosis, leaving behind his soulmate (and I don’t use [...]

Round Up: Secrets To Finding Love This Spring

First, say bye-bye to the black on black outfits and hello to the colors of love. Next, what’s the one tip that is so amazing it will truly change your life? It’s all in this post! JenningsWire queried Dating and Romance experts [...]

How To Have The Perfect Relationship

The other day I was talking with a friend about the long string of boyfriends I’ve had, and how I keep going back to the same guy. Not literally, of course. I’m not that addicted to pain. What I mean is, when one relationship fails, I go [...]