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Round Up: Secrets To Finding Love This Spring

First, say bye-bye to the black on black outfits and hello to the colors of love.

Next, what’s the one tip that is so amazing it will truly change your life? It’s all in this post!

JenningsWire queried Dating and Romance experts and asked them to share their best tips on finding love FAST. You will be happily surprised at how easy this seems to be, according to the experts, if you get out of the house, genuinely care about  making people feel good about themselves and bring bright, fresh colors that attract others into your life. What else did they say? Here we go!

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Or is it a dog named Spot?

Dating Coach, Ronnie Ann Ryan, says now is the time to try something new. Ronnie says it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. But to meet men, you’ve got to shake things up. If a friend asks you to a ballgame or music festival, say “Yes”. For most people, saying “No” comes easily, but it sure won’t change your single status. This is how you limit your life and opportunities. To find love, you have got to get out of your comfort zone.

Join Meetup.com. Have you visited MeetUp.com? This website has thousands of groups across the country covering a wide range of subjects. You’ll find groups for singles, book clubs, chess players, wine lovers, gourmet dinners, meditation, hiking, etc. You can search by zip code and subject to find groups near you with like-minded people. It’s free to join and most events have no fee or are low-cost, so no excuses.

Walk your dog. Your dog may be your best friend, but she also acts as a great ice breaker to help you meet men. Walking Fluffy makes it easy for men to approach you and think up something to say. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about couples meeting at dog parks. Go to a popular place with lots of people so you can get into conversations. If you don’t have a pet, simply ask a dog owner a question about his pet as he passes by. Or offer a compliment like, “What a cute dog!” Those words are magic, trust me.

Hang out at patio bars. When the weather warms up, people congregate outdoors. Take advantage of this natural tendency by frequenting outdoor entertainment venues. If you aren’t into the bar scene, or think all the people will be too young, let me tell you a little secret – many restaurant/bars have two crowds – the happy hour shift which is over 40 and the youngsters who arrive after 10pm. Go early, sip a sauvignon blanc or margarita and be friendly!

Smile and talk to strangers. Girlfriends, please turn on the charm! Put on an outfit with date appeal to increase your desirability and look for activities that are fun or help you relax. Push yourself to smile when you pass by men because smiling is contagious, makes you more approachable and helps you look your best. Strike up a conversation. It doesn’t matter what you say, just break the ice and keep the conversation brief. You’ll find most men are very flattered.

Tips contributed by Ronnie Ann Ryan, author of the free eBook, 5 Big Turn Offs That Drive Men Away and MANifesting Mr. Right: It’s Never Too Late To Find The Love You Want. Please visit Ronnie at NeverTooLate.biz.

What? I have to flirt? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think

Dating expert, Hillary Young, says that the best thing about Spring is that it seems to open everyone up to the possibility of finding LOVE. The change in the weather seems to change everyone’s mood and suddenly it feels possible for romance to take the stage.

Get out of the house. You may need to start by getting yourself outside where other people are. It’s pretty easy to hole up in the winter time and spend your evenings watching your favorite TV shows – even the reruns instead of subjecting yourself to a bar stool – solo. Yet, now that the sun is out later and its warming up a bit, joining a softball team, taking some golf lessons, taking Fido to the park or simply going to the local happy hour with a friend or two, will put you in a place where a mutual connection may occur.

Once you are there, remember to flirt. Many people feel like flirting is too forward and panic at the thought. The truth is that you are flirting with your girlfriends every time you admire their fabulous new handbag, hairstyle or verbally appreciate your co-workers hard work on a project. Flirting is about wanting to see other people SMILE!

Simply make people feel good about themselves. FLIRTING makes another person feel appreciated and interesting. If you take the pressure off of yourself and make your goal to simply make as many people, of any gender, age or degree of physical attraction, feel good about themselves, two things are guaranteed to happen. The first, is that you are going to make someone feel good about themselves! If you start by practicing on say, the checker at the grocery store, “Hey you rang up that order really quickly, thank you!” and turn it into a game you play with yourself, where you are as genuinely kind (that is key – it must be GENUINE complements or they sound wrong and make people defensive) to as many people as you can. It will not take long before you find yourself in the habit of “flirting” with everyone.

Be charming. The definition of Charm is the ability to make other people feel as though you like them and find them interesting. Who doesn’t want to be more charming? Start by finding a way to “love” the little things that people do in the world. Once your focus is on finding the things you appreciate about others, you will be surprised at how quickly people begin to find things that they appreciate about you.

Gina Stewart, founder of ExpertOnlineDating.com, offers her online dating tips:

Change to bright. With the changing of the seasons, make sure you also change how you look. With more sunshine and flowers in bloom, let your online dating picture reflect that. No more pictures next to Christmas trees or bundled in snow jackets and beanies. Add color, sunshine and skin to your primary photo.You’ll look fresh, current, and more youthful, which is always attractive.

Fun focus. Be youthful and lighthearted. Summer love is always more adventurous than any other season of love. Make sure your online dating profile reflects youth, laughter, energy and adventure. Talk about things you’d love to try and the rules you’d like to break. Flirt. Poke fun.

Getting out. Position the written portion of your online dating profile with an undertone of outdoor pursuits. Even for those stuck under fluorescent lit cubicles, they dream of the warm embrace of  sun-kissed skin. Take them there by writing about how you love reading while swaying in a hammock. Reveal how one of your favorite feelings is the kiss of saltwater mist in the air when you go for a run. Happy hours are always more enjoyable watching a sky draped in the pink and purple strokes of sunset. You’ll sound exactly like how they want to spend their summer.

Tips contributed by Online Dating Expert, Gina Stewart, founder of ExpertOnlineDating.com and author of the e-Book, Expert Online Dating (available on Amazon). Gina helps daters get more from their online dating experience and get better dates.

Is there hope for a “Plain Jane”?

Aisha Jones, creator of the free online course, How To Go From Plain Jane To Captivating And Chic,  shares her tips on finding love starting right now:

Put away that little black dress. You’ll never find love if you never get noticed. Whether it is an online dating profile, an evening at the bar, or a night out at a club, step one is always to be noticed by your potential soulmate. To find love this Spring, singles everywhere should take a cue from Mother Nature and bloom into color.

Colors make you seem more approachable. If you are hopelessly addicted to black, ease into color with dark grays and dark browns first. Although a subtle difference, these colors will make you look more approachable. For those of you who want to go into full bloom, venture into purples, oranges, yellows, and greens. These colors apply to both sexes, nothing says, ‘I’m comfortable with my sexuality’ like a man in a purple shirt. To find love this spring, bloom into color, get noticed, and watch your love blossom.

Tips contributed by Wardrobe Artist, Aisha Jones. Aisha offers her free online makeover, Plain Jane to Captivating and Chic, at NoMorePlainJane.com. Please connect with Aisha at AishaJones.com

It’s makeover time, look fresh and fabulous

California fashion blogger, Dale Janeé Steligam, offers her #1 tip for finding loving this Spring. Dale says:

Make a fresh start. Try a new look, shorter hair, take a fashion risk, or go out on warm sunny days highlighting your best features. Dale also says that after giving women numerous makeovers, she sees their confidence increase and often this is all it takes to go out and start a conversation with the person who may be your true love.

Tip contributed by Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, Founder of SavvySpice.com, Dale Janeé Steligam. Please visit Dale on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

What if you don’t feel like dating as you just broke up with someone?

Ouch, love hurts sometimes. But should you try it just one more time? Tina B. Tessina, PhD, (aka ‘Dr. Romance’) shares her tips for making a comeback after a heartbreak:

Beware of the rebound relationship. For a while after a relationship ends, you may not feel like considering a new relationship, which is probably good. Jumping right from one relationship to another usually doesn’t work. A relationship that follows too quickly is called a ‘rebound’ relationship because it’s often a bad choice. Because you haven’t had enough time to process your feelings, or to learn from your mistakes, your judgment will be off. Once you have had some time to recover, however, the following tips will help you to find a successful new love.

Get a life. Even before you’re ready to risk a new relationship, you can begin to get out and do things that interest you. Make your life as fun and social as you can without a relationship. Create a social network by joining groups who are doing things that interest you. If your life is full of activities you really enjoy, you’ll be more successful at finding a successful relationship.

Look for friends. Now that you’ve developed a life full of social connections, seek to make friends. You’ll get to know all kinds of people, and out of these people someone will soon stand out, and you’ll have the advantage of already knowing each other before you decide you want to date.

Pay attention. Meeting your new love by making friends who share the same interests gives you a great opportunity to observe the character of the person before you declare your interest.

Tips submitted by Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage. Please visit Dr. Tessina at TinaTessina.com, Twitter and Facebook.

More online dating tips – give yourself a digital facelift

Online Dating Expert, Julie Spira, is the lead Online Dating Expert at DatingAdvice.com and recommends getting a digital facelift.  Julie says that just like you change your wardrobe and rearrange your clothes so you can wear lighter and brighter clothing for the new season, your profile should reflect a brighter and refreshed version of you. She shares these tips on refreshing your online image, just in time for Spring Love:

Take new photos.  Wear outfits with pinks, reds, and colors that will pop. Ditch the little black dress as it’s too common and will get lost on the computer screen. You don’t have to go to an expensive photographer, but grab some of your friends and a digital camera and start shooting away. Take 100 photos in 5 different outfits. Let your friends help you select the best five.

Change your screen name. Drop the winter blues and find a catchy screen name for your new profile. Love art? Terrific. Use the name ArtLover and possibly your first name or the state you reside in such as ArtLoverJill or ArtLoverNY. Ski season over? Change your headline from ‘Loves to Ski’ to another activity such as “Looking for hiking partner.”

List upcoming events. Your dating profile doesn’t have to be stagnant like a magazine ad. Make it more active like your Facebook profile. If you’ve snagged great concert tickets and are looking for a date, say so in your profile. Who knows? Your dream date might just share the same passion for music that you do.

Head over to Facebook. Online dating has really become social dating. Make sure your Facebook page lists your status as ‘Single’. You can do this in your ‘About’ section. Let the world know you’re ready to start dating. See an old friend? Strike up a private chat on Facebook. Looking for someone to go to the latest museum exhibit? Post it on your page. Who knows? A secret admirer might just ‘like’ that page and suggest going together.

Cast a wider net.Don’t limit your search to 10 miles within your hometown, unless you have your heart set on being with the boy next door. If you’d be willing to drive an hour to see a date, then change your range to 60 miles from where you live. Expand your age range to a few years older and a few years younger to be open to the possibilities. Going on a business trip or vacation? Write to someone in the city you’ll be visiting. When they hear you’ll be in town for a limited time, they won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to meet you.

Tips submitted by Julie Spira. Julie is founder of CyberDatingExpert.com, where she helps singles find love in a digital world and the author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. Julie is also the creator of Facebook Love Stories at facebooklovestories.com (where she shares tips on how to use Facebook for finding love). You can also connect with Julie on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Note from Annie, Creator of JenningsWire: I love these tips! From getting out of the house (right, it’s not as if anyone is going to come knocking) to putting away the black on black on black (enough already!) outfits to adding fresh spring colors into your life such as purple skinny jeans or that gorgeous bright blue shirt to simply noticing the good in people and pointing it out to them, it’s all good advice.

But want to know the one tip that I like that was not in the article? DECIDE. Decide to make the rest of your life different. To make today the day that you decided to go after all you have ever wanted. Start by doing one thing different. Then another. Email me when you find what you are looking for . . . and you will.

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