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Productively Take Control Of Your Freedom!

What does having more freedom in your life mean for you? Is it freedom of time? Freedom of location?Free from financial worries? Freedom from certain relationships? Freedom from old thoughts repeating and repeating in your mind? Freedom from [...]

Lifestyle Design 101: Craft Your Perfect Day

When I became an entrepreneur I planned to live everyday like I was on a vacation! Don’t misunderstand me, I wanted to truly help people and do work that I was passionate about and made a real big difference in someone’s life.  But, I wanted [...]
How To Organize

Remember The Basics Of Getting Your Life And Space Organized

In just a few months I will need to renew my certification as a Professional Organizer. Yes, there really is a three-hour test, requirements and hoops to jump through to get certified! You might think that the test involves how to sort, toss, [...]

17 Quick Tricks to Help You Stop Procrastinating

Looking from the outside, I think a lot of my clients and readers think that I must never put things off or procrastinate. Which… surprise… is entirely not true.  I am still human and although I LOVE my work, there are a lot more interesting [...]

Podcast: Secrets To Productivity Using Batching

Listen Here: Erica Duran is a published Productivity Expert and Coach with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, consulting large companies & creating several of her own ventures. She provides both virtual and in-person coaching [...]