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Productively Take Control Of Your Freedom!

Productively Take Control Of Your Freedom!What does having more freedom in your life mean for you?

Is it freedom of time? Freedom of location?Free from financial worries?

Freedom from certain relationships? Freedom from old thoughts repeating and repeating in your mind?

Freedom from extra weight? Freedom of stress? Freedom from your “stuff”?

Freedom from your mortgage? Freedom from obligations and keeping up appearances?

Freedom from employees or contractors? Freedom from you desk? You computer? Your smart phone?

I get so upset when I see people “asleep” in their life – just going through the motions and reacting instead of planning and going after the kind of lifestyle they really want to live.

For some freedom is getting free from a job and starting a business of their own that they are truly passionate about.

But, many either can’t make the leap to go after that business.  Or, they do make the leap only to find themselves in another “prison” of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur prison is a type of prison where you don’t have any systems in place, are afraid to leave your desk for fear of “missing something come in” and are constantly checking your online stats.  You never really feel like you can take time off because your client base is either a feast or famine, never steady.

Then there are those still in a j-o-b.

They get up early every morning to an alarm clock.

Fight traffic.

Arrive at a job they hate with a boss they don’t like and “pretend” to work for a few hours.

They go to an unhealthy quick lunch.

After lunch it is time to finally do something on their to-do list or put out a fire that came up do to poor planning the previous day’s work.

Then, they fight traffic again going home and spend the night watching TV because they are too tired from being uninspired and “the fight” all day.

Their weekends are full of obligations, catching up with work they didn’t finish during the week and chores with no time for true renewal and relaxation.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can start to create the exact lifestyle you desire!

I tried for years to go along with a “normal” lifestyle only to be unhealthy and unhappy.  I had to find what was right for me.

For me freedom meant:

To work for myself from anywhere in the world.

To not have to wake with an alarm clock.

To be with my dogs all day.

To have an ocean view (except sometimes when traveling inland).

To choose who I spent time with and who I worked with.

I wanted to make time to exercise and prepare raw vegan food everyday.

I wanted to be able to walk to local businesses, restaurants, services and shops.

I wanted freedom of a warehouse full of inventory.

To wanted to have freedom regular chores taking up my time like housekeeping, yard work, home maintenance, dusting kick-knacks, etc.

To be able to let my true personality out without fear of pissing people off.

To never have to adhere to a dress code (especially those god-awful pantyhose) 🙂

To not wait for retirement to do _______ . But have mini-retirements on a regular basis with focused meaningful work in-between.

It took me awhile to figure it out and I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but each mistake showed me what I didn’t want my life to be like.

Last year, while working on my book “Urban Escape” I experienced all the above!

It was an amazing experience and trial run for my permanent freedom-based lifestyle, except for the family tragedies that went on during that time.

But in the end, I had the freedom of time and location to be able to attend to those family issues.

In 2004 I took a small step towards the lifestyle I wanted.  I sold my big picket-fenced home in a typical Orange County gated community and most of my belongings and clutter.  You may not know this about me, but I used to have many “things”.  They were greatly organized, but there were A LOT of things.  I quit my cushy corporate job to start a business and moved to a little ocean view apartment.

Starting a business was rough and there were many times that I couldn’t even pay my rent.  Somehow I would always land on my feet, but this meant giving up some freedoms for money.

My business eventually grew to multiple 6 figures, but I was “trapped” again by a warehouse full of other people’s clutter and working 18+ hour days.

I was again miserable and created a j-o-b for myself instead of a desired lifestyle and business.

How could I let this happen?  I know better!  I teach other people about lifestyle design after all!  I felt like a total fraud.

To regain the lifestyle I wanted all I had to do was decide on doing so.  Once the decision was made, all the tasks lined up to make it happen.

So, in spring of 2013 I liquidated all the inventory in the warehouse and sold absolutely everything I owned except:

My laptop (with all previous paper documents, photos, videos, etc. scanned to it)

Two of my dogs and their stuff (they actually had more stuff than I did at this time)

My VW Beetle Convertible

My Day Planner

Some clothes

A juicer

Urns of loved ones

And, then took off for six months to work, travel, and visit of loved ones and redesign and reclaim my freedom based lifestyle.

What a change in perspective on what is important!  You quickly learn what you really need and what you can live without and what just would make things a little more comfortable.

I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned in my new book!

But, what about you?

What does freedom mean for you?

Maybe you want to downsize your life so you can enjoy your children growing up.

Maybe you want to de-clutter so less money is spent on stuff and the savings can go towards experiences.  Bonus:  less free time is spent dusting your things.

Maybe it is time to finally launch a business, or simplify your current business.

Maybe you’d like to experience living in another culture.

Maybe you simply want more peace and less perfectionism and are exhausted with trying to constantly “keep up”.

When is it going to be enough?

If you are ready to shed something that you’ve been holding onto, or start something new in the name of going after what freedom means to you, I’d love for you to share in the comments below to inspire others in the community.  Also, it helps move you forward to declare your intentions in public.

Or, if you’d like a more private forum for your thoughts and guidance on your unique situation don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary “Ultimate Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Session” by requesting it via email to support@EricaDuran.co

Visit EricaDuran.co to get your FREE “7 Steps To Lifestyle Freedom Guidebook” today!

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