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Equal Opportunity, NOT!

Laws demand that work places, services, schools and jobs be open and accessible to all people. Laws contain loopholes that drive millions of Americans to forgo opportunities and suffer a prejudice that goes unnoticed – except by those [...]

Conversations With The Tuesday Night Girls: The Pact

What are the two most frightening words you can say to anyone over 50?   Nursing Home. It’s true that we girls are still young, but we’ve decided it’s high time we come up with a plan for ourselves that doesn’t involve [...]

Podcast: Problem Solving Tools For Weary Caregivers

Listen Here: Dr. Carol Spargo Pierskalla is the author of the new book, The BEST You Can Do For Yourself and Your Aging Parent who will share with us problem-solving tools for weary and exasperated caregivers. Problem Solving Tools For [...]

Podcast: Aging In America & The Coming Elder Boom

Listen Here: Angil Tarach-Ritchey is an experienced, passionate and respected elder care advocate who is working hard to wake boomers up to the truth regarding the impending Elder Boom crisis. She is a Registered Nurse, Bestselling Author and [...]

“Hello In There!”

If anyone has been following me, read my book, or been a friend or client of mine knows very well that my prescription for wellness and survival always involves socializing! People need people to grow, succeed, learn, love, prosper and simply be [...]