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Podcast: What Is The NEW Economic Currency?

Listen Here: Phil Johnson is the Founder and President of the Master of Business Leadership system and author of The New Economic Currency: Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. What Is The NEW Economic Currency? What is the “new [...]

Podcast: Remote Employment – An Alternative To Outsourcing

Listen Here: Sharon Koifman says that being able to interview, train and communicate your methodologies is crucial to the way you run your company. Yet businesses seem to neglect these processes when they start working with foreign individuals [...]

A Rudeness Born Of Desperation

Siem Reap, Cambodia She is perhaps five or six, with dark eyes, straight black hair that touches the back of her neck, and skin the color of teak. She dances up to the picnic table with a white smile and 10 postcards of the ancient temples at [...]

Don’t Let A Downturn Economy Drag You Down

Whether we have stable jobs or are really feeling the financial pinch, the economic downturn is affecting us all, often to degrees that we are unaware. Fears about making a proper living cascade into every aspect of our lives: family, friends, [...]

Live Life To The Fullest

Reports say that gas prices have dropped .10 to .14 in some places. For starters, I am going to take it there:  To those who believe, the Bible says that we should take no thought in saying, what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or, where-withal [...]

Money That Kills

Credit card companies will go from trying to work with you, to threats asking “Do you want to go to jail?” These are what you would call scare tactics. This reminds me of the movie “Fight Club” starring Brad Pitt who was the alter ego [...]

Crisis Forges Leaders

Out of crisis comes opportunity! A week after Hurricane Sandy unleashed its destructive and deadly force along the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts, many of those impacted continue to be left without the modern necessities of power, gas and [...]