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Don’t Let A Downturn Economy Drag You Down

Whether we have stable jobs or are really feeling the financial pinch, the economic downturn is affecting us all, often to degrees that we are unaware.

Fears about making a proper living cascade into every aspect of our lives: family, friends, colleagues, and psychologically. It’s important to remind ourselves that although we may be stressed about money, we need to protect the other important aspects of our lives from that stress devouring us.

Breadwinners who are feeling particularly vulnerable, who feel like they can’t take time out for themselves because they should be spending more time looking for work, should remember this is actually the time when they NEED more time by themselves.

Time for quiet reflection helps us find the answers that can help get us out of the situation.

Financial stress causes our Impostors to come out, get short-tempered, wake up stressed or angry and take it out on family members or friends.

Take a deep breath and try and keep your Impostors (your dark sides) in check– respond and don’t react. The more you can get a grasp on not reacting, the more empowered you will be, and the better your day will go.

Cultural distress breeds individual distress.

Hearing about hard times from every news outlet can wear on your heart and optimism. Turn off the TV and the radio. Read stories about triumph and overcoming obstacles. Exercise and get your endorphins going. A positive, healthy lifestyle will shift your mental conversation and provide a much-needed self-esteem boost.

Be grateful.

It’s easy to pay attention to the negative, but we often forget about the amazing aspects of our lives. Saying ‘thank you’ will lead to more gifts that life has to offer, and that kind of outlook will be recognized by others.

If you ever feel that your identity is directly related to the size of your wallet, take note: your Authentic Soul is not related to the size of your bank account. I encourage you to remind yourself that every day is a gift, separate from the material trappings that every day life affords us.

As always, expect miracles,


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