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Faith in Unconditional Universal Love

The world is consistently aiming to push us back into the benevolence. The stars woo us to remember all we ask is here. The doves sing to our hearts, asking us to hear the grace in each silent second. The winds grab our arms, embrace our backs, [...]

Loved Ones on the Other Side: Animal Readings and Human Readings

For one year after my Mom died in 1993 she turned a little lamp on by my bed every evening. At first I thought I left it on by mistake. Next, that my housemates were playing music in my room and leaving it on! Soon I caught on. Since then she [...]

Success: Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Having worked with hundreds of successful people as well as those who find being stuck to be more comfortable, I offer seven ways to free your energies for success. I teach what has worked well for me over several decades. When you make a [...]