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Success: Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Success: Getting out of Your Own WayHaving worked with hundreds of successful people as well as those who find being stuck to be more comfortable, I offer seven ways to free your energies for success.

I teach what has worked well for me over several decades.

    1. When you make a change be prepared for an unusual feeling.

The awkwardness and unfamiliarity with something new can be daunting. This can send people back to states of lesser fullness and less achievement. Instead, lovingly receive the new feelings as indication that you are re-arranging yourself. In time you feel more at home than you did before. Nurture the “growing” pain and it shall become energetic grace. I promise.

  1. Note how the felines approach change. When a cat has to heal a physical condition s/he doesn’t waste an ounce of energy discussing what used to be or what is wrong. All attention goes to nurturing the body with intention for wellness.
  2. Again note how the felines approach change. When a cat knows it IS time to let go of life there is little fighting. A deep surrender occurs. If something isn’t working, try another route!
  3. Remember that life is an artistic experiment. Nobody is sitting up in the sky grading you. A force beyond explanation has loved you through all your trials. Feel for that Source through your own heart and soul.
  4. Any complaint can immediately be turned into a new intention! If you don’t like something, what do you wish to create instead?
  5. There are geniuses all around you. Assume everyone you meet is trying to give you some valid wisdom. It may not come in spoken words or direct communication. Just look for the genius in each person and animals you encounter for one week. Let me know what you learn! You can email me at Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com. I am happy to give you a free tip on how you can use the wisdom you find in others’ to further your own goals. Just ask me when you email.
  6. Promote yourself by sharing what you love. That is my number one rule. I have let word spread about my business by doing all that I love: writing, speaking, singing, painting, and teaching. Rather that thinking of promoting as “getting people to take interest” think of it as sharing your love. That’s all it is really meant to be and it works wonders!

I wish you the very best with your fulfillment and success.

Dr. Laurie Moore


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