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Why George Clooney Should Date Me

George Clooney has a lot of things going for him. He is a successful actor, a handsome man, and a charismatic philanthropist. What he doesn’t have going for him is his choice of suitable girlfriends. For someone who claims to not want marriage [...]

Energy is Your Air: Like Water is to a Boat

ENERGY is our AIR. We rarely talk about energy and we rarely talk about air. Not the “oh it’s polluted” kind of air. Just air. Yet it is necessary to our existence and present in our life every day. We can’t see air and we can’t smell [...]

How Committed Are You?

Every career path is challenging. Without question, those who succeed are fully vested. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. They just won’t accept failure. They press on in the face of hardship. They ignore naysayers. [...]

Say Yes To Your Success

Saying “Yes”. I was reading the novel “Things Fall Apart” by the great and recently deceased African author Chinua Achebe on a plane the other day.  I came across this passage… “His chi, or personal god, was good.  [...]