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Energy is Your Air: Like Water is to a Boat

ENERGY is our AIR.

We rarely talk about energy and we rarely talk about air. Not the “oh it’s polluted” kind of air. Just air. Yet it is necessary to our existence and present in our life every day. We can’t see air and we can’t smell it (most of the time) but it is omnipresent.  We just don’t talk about air. Energy is kind of like air. We don’t talk about energy. We can’t move mountains on optimism alone. Energy is necessary to make anything happen.

Optimism is great. But that optimism needs energy.

Energy is needed throughout a whole process. Energy is required to present an idea and energy is required to sustain the idea. Optimism without energy is like a boat without a body of water.

The Russian vocabulary does not have a word for optimism. While the root of the word is Latin, the practical application is uniquely American. The U.S. Army operates on the principle of accomplishing the mission. Energy is required to accomplish any mission.

In today’s fancy words we talk a lot about change management.

Change management is a term that was introduced to us in the 1980’s. One element not talked about is the role of energy in change management. You need energy to get change approved and you need energy to sustain change.

An idea is brought up while people are sitting around a table at yet another meeting. We tend to say something once and expect a reaction or a result. Energy is required to communicate and communicate the idea until . . . Until we get the results we want or need. We don’t get a desired result because we said something once.

The best idea does not win. The idea communicated well with the amount of energy necessary and appropriate to the situation is the idea that wins. There are few best ideas. Just like there are few best candidates. The idea or candidate whose value is most effectively communicated is the one that wins.

It takes energy to communicate with the confidence, clarity and conviction to get the desired results.

SO YEAH for optimism. But optimism alone will not change the world; will not change your world. Optimism is like potential. Both are great but if they are unfulfilled there is no result or reward. The road to nowhere is paved with a lack of energy and unfulfilled potential.

We rarely talk about energy in the boardrooms and with the bravado that is required. Things happen at work and in the country when positive energy moves something forward.

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