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Podcast: This Is What Happens When A Comic Goes On 500 Dates

Listen Here: Mark Miller was a self proclaimed, veritable, virginal social and dating outcast that became a nationally syndicated dating columnist for the LA Times Syndicate, Huffington Post and countless other media, as well as a writer producer [...]

Seinfeld Defies Comedy Expiration Date

What makes Seinfeld funny? Most of us look at the silliness of modern life – satellite technology that we use for help changing tires, the overuse of e-mail and texting, airport faucets that dribble out water – and shrug. Not Jerry. Such [...]

Flushed Out & Fabulous!

So, what does unjunking yourself do? It peels away the crap you’ve surrounded yourself with for months, sometimes YEARS. Layer by layer the lies you’ve been telling yourself and the fat you’ve been trying to protect yourself [...]

Using Dream Interpretation To Your Advantage

Lately I have been reading about dream interpretation. I used to try and decode my dreams a few years ago. I stopped soon after realizing how neurotic and anxiety-ridden I must have been due to reoccurring nightmares of my teeth falling out. [...]

The Dreaded Butt Print…

Microfiber couches. Oh how I loathe thee. The genius who developed this material as a selection for sofas and other furniture designed to be sat on was not fat. Obviously. If they were they never would have condemned big bottomed girls to the [...]

Why Run Away To Join The Circus When It’s At Home?

Remember that crazed clown at the circus? He was the one spinning a dozen flaming torches while peddling a unicycle on a high wire as the out-of-tune calliope wheezed out a medley of manic music. Now as a young woman you’re probably not impressed [...]