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Book Review: Sophie’s Squash By Pat Zietlow Miller, Illustrated By Anne Wilsdorf

Sophie’s parents take her to a farmers’ market to pick some food for dinner. But on the way home, Sophie discovers that her squash is the perfect size for holding, and hugging, and rocking to sleep. After a quick call for pizza delivery, [...]

Book Review: Joe And Sparky Go To School By Jamie Michalak, Illustrated By Frank Remkiewicz

Dynamic duo, Joe and Sparky are off on another fun adventure! Ever cautious Sparky the turtle finds himself unexpectedly on the roof of a bus headed for someplace called “school.” His adventurous giraffe buddy, Joe, sets off to rescue him. [...]

Book Review: Rufus Goes To School By Kim Griswell, Illustrated By Valeri Gorbachev

Rufus Leroy Williams III has a favorite book. He loves to hold the book. He loves to look at the pictures. He loves to turn the pages. The only problem is, Rufus doesn’t know how to read the book. So Rufus decides he must go to school to learn [...]

Book Review: Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Get ready to count monkeys. We’ll start off on the very first page with one – cobra? That can’t be right, where are the monkeys? Apparently the slithery serpent has frightened them off. But how do we get rid of the cobra? How will we find [...]

Book Review: Brush Of The Gods By Lenore Look, Illustrated By Meilo So

Wu Daozi is being taught the high art of calligraphy by the monks of Chang’an, China. The monks explain to him that, “Calligraphy is the highest of the arts,” and that, “it reveals your character.” But try as he might, Wu can’t seem [...]

Book Review: On A Beam Of Light By Jennifer Berne, Illustrated By Vladimir Radunsky

A long time ago a baby named Albert was born. He didn’t talk much as a baby. He didn’t talk much as a toddler. He didn’t talk much as a child. But with his big, curious eyes he looked at the world around him and wondered. Then one day [...]

Book Review: “Ribbit!” By Rodrigo Folgueira, Illustrated By Poly Bernatene

“Ribbit!” A group of frogs hears a familiar sound coming from a very unfamiliar source in their pond. Who is this pink intruder? Does this pig think he’s a frog? Is he mocking us? How dare he imitate us! What does he want, anyway? After [...]

Book Review: The Highway Rat By Julia Donaldson, Illus. By Axel Scheffler

Hide your goodies! The Highway Rat is lying in wait for your delicious snacks and treats. Although he prefers pastries and chocolate and cake, he’ll take anything you have. For as he says, “I am the Rat of the Highway – the Highway [...]

Book Review: The Granddaughter Necklace By Sharon Dennis Wyeth, Illus. By Bargram Ibatoulline

Sharon spies a necklace of sparkling crystals on her mother’s neck as she is being tucked in for bedtime. She asks her mother where she got the necklace. “The necklace belonged to your grandma and the other grandmas before her,” her mom [...]

Book Review: Exclamation Mark By Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld

In a world of periods, exclamation mark really stood out. And he didn’t like it one bit. He felt confused and befuddled. He didn’t fit in and he wasn’t sure how he could. Then one day he found the answers he sought from a new friend – [...]

Book Review: Lemonade In Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money By Emily Jenkins, Illus. By G. Brian Karas

A story of teamwork, persistence and creativity. On a cold, winter day when a mean wind blows and icicles hang from the windowsills, little Pauline looks out the window and has an idea. “Let’s have a lemonade stand!” Her parents are unsure [...]

Book Review: A Flower In The Snow by Tracey Corderoy

Luna and her best friend (polar) Bear belong together like peanut butter and jelly. They do everything together. They skate, and play and laugh. Luna’s smile sparkles like the snow.  Then one day Bear picks a sunshine-yellow flower to give [...]

New Year’s Inspiration For Aspiring Writers

As I read a lot of quick-fix New Year’s Resolution articles, I’m struck by how generic and often glib they seem. As a writer, I try to re-energize and refocus on goals just like anyone else, but instead of resolving to chase the [...]

Book Review: Snowmen At Work By Carolyn Buehner, Illustrated By Mark Buehner

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Snowmen At Work is the latest in the “snowmen” series by husband and wife team Carolyn and Mark Buehner. In this installment, a boy builds a snowman, then goes inside for the night. When he awakes he [...]

Kids Book Matters: Best Picture Books of 2012

Best Picture Books of 2012 2012 was a great year for picture books. There were some familiar faces, some new voices, and of course lots of brilliant artwork (I’d especially like to point out the heartwarming illustrations of my partner on [...]

Kid’s Book Matters: The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Celebrating at the Carle: The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA is currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Officially kicked off last month, the festivities will continue through November 2013. Among the events and [...]

Book Review: Boot & Shoe By Marla Frazee

Boot & Shoe are puppies from the same litter. They are adopted into the same home. They share many things together. The only thing they don’t share is their special, personal territory. Shoe is a front porch kind of dog and Boot is a back [...]

Book Review: The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? By Mo Willems

The latest in Mo Willems’ classic “Pigeon” series of books, The Duckling Gets A Cookie, holds its own with its award winning predecessors. In this installment, the irascible Pigeon bemoans the injustice of Duckling receiving a cookie by [...]