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Book Review: Lemonade In Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money By Emily Jenkins, Illus. By G. Brian Karas

A story of teamwork, persistence and creativity.

On a cold, winter day when a mean wind blows and icicles hang from the windowsills, little Pauline looks out the window and has an idea. “Let’s have a lemonade stand!” Her parents are unsure of the idea, but little brother John John follows along as Pauline gathers up her quarters and heads out to buy the lemons, limes and sugar she’ll need for her stand.

Standing in the winter chill, the children see few passersby. Pauline decides that they need to try new strategies to attract customers. She provides entertainment, decorations, even a sale to lure in new customers. Although few and far between, the people who do pass by all stop and order a glass of Pauline’s lemonade.

In the end Pauline is disappointed to learn that her great idea didn’t lead to a great profit. But John John finds a silver lining in the day’s sales and discovers a way to “turn lemons into lemonade.” The sepia toned illustrations are warm despite the cold environment. The tans and browns of the artwork help underscore the warmth of the story.

Obviously, this book is a great tool to help kids understand coin and basic finance concepts (there’s even a “Pauline explains money to John John” page at the end of the book that explains coin values). But this story is an even better tool for teaching the value of creativity, persistence, and teamwork.


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