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Book Review: A Flower In The Snow by Tracey Corderoy

Luna and her best friend (polar) Bear belong together like peanut butter and jelly.

They do everything together. They skate, and play and laugh. Luna’s smile sparkles like the snow.  Then one day Bear picks a sunshine-yellow flower to give to his best friend. Luna is delighted. But soon the flower begins to wither.

As the last petal wilts, so does Luna’s sparkling smile, and nothing Bear does can bring it back. So Bear sets out on an adventure to find another sunshine-yellow flower to cheer up his friend. Through many days and many climates, Bear searches for just the right flower, but his search comes up empty.

Lonely and tired, Bear decides to abandon his search and return home to his friend. Luna greats her returning friend with a smile and a surprise; and the two friends realize (literally and figuratively) that the seeds of friendship are strong enough to grow through even the coldest seasons. Sophia’s illustrations really fill this story of friendship with a magical touch.

There’s an old joke about painting a polar bear in a snowstorm, but Sophia conquers the challenge of painting white on white with just the right touches of cream, eggshell, and ice blue to make the images pop off of the mostly white backgrounds. Tracey and Sophia have combined to create a gentle parable of friendship to warm the heart through the cold, short days of winter.

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