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Blueberry Ice Cream And Graduation Blues

It starts with kindergarten. All the graduation ceremonies. Seems like yesterday I was carting my son off to kindergarten with our dog in tow. I remember the fear in his face when I left him alone for that first “half-day” of school. [...]

Pen Presence Onto The Resolution List

Santa’s Lists segue into New Year’s Resolutions Lists. So why not do something different this year and pen the former into the latter? How, you might ask? By transforming the concept of presents into presence. Presence is the best gift one [...]

Ways To Help Others Banish The Holiday Blues

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday has passed and hopefully we all survived. Carols don the airwaves. Tree lots miraculous sprouted, and even if you live in a sunny California, as I do, you get frosted trees—bringing at least the [...]

Revelations: The Importance Of Reconnecting, Remembrance & Reflection

October was an odd month for me, it was at it’s a core a month of remembrance. Early in the month, I was contacted via FB by someone who was seeking out an Alison he once knew and based upon our subsequent heartfelt, albeit short-lived, correspondence [...]

Shoofly Pies, African Violets & Vinegar: Surprising Way Vinegar Makes Your Life Sweeter by Alison Blasko

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. We’ve all heard this little ditty. Probably out of the mouth of a parent or a grandparent. And yep, you will attract more people and good fortune into your life if you embrace the platitudes of [...]

Flights Of Fancy: Tips For Keeping Hummingbirds Happy, Healthy & In Your Garden!

I love humming birds. How they flit and chirp and never seem to sit still.  If time permitted, I’d spend a whole day watching them. Living in Southern Cal, if this was a realistic aspiration, I would be able to do just that. According to [...]

Positive Purposeful Persistence Packs Powerful Punch

Anyone who’s ever taken a Mastermind course or studied the works of Napoleon Hill knows that attitude is everything. True…with an addendum. One needs to know the difference between wishful thinking and taking powerful steps with positive [...]

A Survival Guide For Aging: Never Surrender

There’s something quite disconcerting when your child—a child who has not yet seen his 17th let alone 20th, 30th or yikes 40th b-day—declares he feels old. Making matters worse he’s made this revolutionary statement not once but twice [...]

When Facing Cancer, Compassionate, Caring Touch Matters

I first heard the word cancer when I was nine. No, it was not pertaining to a grandparent or an elderly family friend. It pertained to my cousin, who was 11. She aspired to become a doctor. She knew this was her calling since she was five. She [...]

Plugging Your Spirit Into A Technological World

We live in a wired world…or should I say wireless. Our techno gizmos, gadgets, and games. They’re ubiquitous. Why just the other day I was at Barnes &Noble—I know what an archaic concept frequenting a book store when Kindle is so readily [...]