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Positive Purposeful Persistence Packs Powerful Punch

Anyone who’s ever taken a Mastermind course or studied the works of Napoleon Hill knows that attitude is everything.

True…with an addendum. One needs to know the difference between wishful thinking and taking powerful steps with positive appreciative action. Many have lightbulbs of  genius spark, but unless one is willing to do the work that lightbulb will remain forever unilluminated in the dark.

Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

And he should know as he is after all the one credited not just for the quote but for the invention of the lightbulb. Which is only half true.  While he did coin the quote, Edison took a 70-year-old failed invention conceived by an Englishman named Humphrey Davy and finessed it to such a degree that he made a brilliant albeit unrealistic idea a functional reality.

His persistence coupled with his steadfast attitude that he would prevail not only paid off, it altered the world—giving new meaning to the adage let there be light to boot. Not bad. And all of this began with the simple yet profound thought that something others said could never be a practical reality could indeed become one. He knew they were wrong. He had what I call “Ah-Ha” clarity, focus, and vision.

That is the power of positive affirmations and beliefs coupled with persistence and action.

Now I know there are a lot of people out there selling the idea that positive energy and the right mindset alone will generate success, power and money. True; in part. An attitude of appreciation and positive affirmations is imperative, yes; but you need to back that mindset up with a plan of action, actual action, and successful delivery of said action.

Even the coaches who tout the mantra of the power of positive affirmations and thinking did the work. They created brilliant marketing plans; had a specific target market; an enticing service and/or product, and direct mailing lists of people who would want that product. They had a specific end-goal and a passion to reach that goal.

Success was not achieved by sitting at home chanting positive affirmations. Purpose, action, and vision were key.  They kept moving forward and if a door closed, they knew another would open. The right door.

Action is what propels positive affirmations and the right mindset beyond the realm of mere wishful thinking.

I remember when my son was three. We were visiting my mother in MN and had just watched “Peter Pan”. Suddenly Trevor was standing on her living room chair with eyes closed and a serious look of concentration on his face. I watched him silently for a long time until finally he said in an exasperated tone—I just can’t do it….I am not thinking happy enough thoughts…I still can’t fly!

That is wishful thinking. Thinking about doing something and expecting it to magically happen when there was no plan in place to support that quest.

This spring he informed us he would be attending an educational program at Oxford this summer. He already had it determined in his mindset that he would go. He was appreciative the opportunity had opened for him and he was determined to find the means for the way. He researched, set up funding, presented a case as to how this would benefit him for his future. That is positive thinking packed with purposeful action.

So How Do You Leap from Wishful Thinking to Success?

  1. Appreciation.
  2. Attitude.
  3. Affirmations.
  4. Action.
  5. Accountability.
  6. “Ah-Ha” clarity, focus, vision, and drive.

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