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Steve Bates

Steve Bates has been writing professionally for more than three decades. He built a career in newspaper work, culminating with 14 years as a reporter and editor at The Washington Post. He moved on to magazines and web sites before becoming a free-lance writer. Steve has won many writing and editing awards, including a Jesse H. Neal award for business journalism.

In 2010 Steve published his first book, The Seeds of Spring: Lessons from the Garden, which won two book awards. Not a traditional primer on what to plant and how to plant it, The Seeds of Spring explores why we plunge our hands into mud and why we keep coming back to our gardens even when things don’t turn out like we hoped. The book provides inspiration to all who aspire to garden, and it demonstrates how we can learn a great about ourselves by pursuing this hobby.

In recent years, Steve has transitioned to science fiction, writing several short stories on a variety of topics. Among the top-rated magazines that have published Steve’s sci-fi pieces is Perihelion. He has several stories in the works, and perhaps a novel or two.

Posts by Steve Bates:

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