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Kaneen Morgan & Shalanda Norman

Shalanda Norman and Kaneen Morgan are founders of Writers Nation, a company dedicated to helping writers and helping them soar. Shalanda, is the author of Life Interrupted: Get the Hell Out of My Way, I’ve Got A Life To Live. She’s also the most profound spiritual coach or mentor and recognized speaker, blogger, and radio show host. Kaneen has authored 2 books and working on her 3rd book. She’s a radio show host, writing coach and national speaker on the world of writing, publishing, and getting paid.

Posts by Kaneen Morgan & Shalanda Norman:

  • Podcast: The Write Time Is Now!

  • The Write Time Is Now!June 8th, 2016
    Listen Here: Today’s guests are Writing Coaches, Kaneen Morgan and Shalanda Norman, founders of Writer’s Nation. They encourage others to write and help them create action plans to monetize their work.  The Write [...]