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A Meta Tip To Energize Your Money Flow

A Meta Tip To Energize Your Money FlowDo you know there are ways to energize the flow of your earnings?  We’re not talking strictly doing business; we’re talking about universal flow and seeing money as a stream of energy coming towards you and being dispersed by you.

Once you understand this concept, and really integrate it into your beliefs and your actions, you’ll find that there is an increase in this level of energy… but it will be in both directions – coming towards you and going out.  Let me explain:

In order to increase this dual flow, and to see your cash, your income, your earning power as more than just the material stuff but as a flowing river of energy, there’s one thing you’ll need to do:  it’s a form of liberation, for this tip will not work if you are wholly dependent upon a salary or another source where there is a limit, a control, or others who are the gatekeepers of what flows towards you.  So you’ll need to find some aspect in which there is the freedom to bring extra money to you on the side, as a hobby, or an entrepreneurial effort with a service or a product.  And that will open a gate.

Once this gate is open, allowing additional money to come to you that is determined by a universal source, and not by a boss or an accountant or a strict paycheck, then creative potential becomes viable and the stream of energy gets activated.

The second consideration is to align your thoughts and your intentions with an effort to do something good for others, for if anything gets a cash flow moving and a reciprocal flow coming back to you, it is when you help others.

You can help others by providing the service they need, or a product they need or want.  If it’s true help, and not simply avarice, they will feel it; they will want it; they will gladly give you their money to receive it.  And oftentimes, they will send you back a form of love, or happy verbal exchange.  A thank-you for providing this!
What can be better in our material world and consumerist society than becoming the provider of what others seek, cherish, need, and are thankful for?  For then, with their payment, comes their love.  You, as provider, as entrepreneur, as businessperson, formulate your product or service to really fill their need.  And so, on your part, it is also a form of loving service.

When this understanding has been achieved, and you have liberated your life sufficiently to offer your product or service, if not as a full-time occupation but maybe as a sideline or hobby, you will see an increase in your cash flow.

It is inevitable.  The heart center is the source of your talent, your skill, your ability, and your passion, and that can flow forth from you in a businesslike way.

I can provide a special report regarding this concept.  It’s called “Finding a New Relationship with Money: Forcing the Universe to $upply It for You,” and it is very much in keeping with this new approach.  Some have called this general approach “conscious capitalism”, and I would support that definition in these terms.

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