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Tammy Johnston

Tammy Johnston has been in financial services since 1993 and started her company, The Financial Guides in 2002, to better help people take control of their financial lives. Focusing on educating the public about all things around personal finance and small business she has been teaching classes on these subjects for over 14 years. Knowing that learning about money needs to start as early as possible, the younger the better, she wrote Financial Foundations books to teach kids about money in a fun and beautifully illustrated way to get kids excited and asking questions.

Posts by Tammy Johnston:

  • Podcast: Set Kids Up For Real World Success

  • Set Kids Up For Real World SuccessMay 9th, 2016
    Listen Here: Tammy Johnston is the founder of The Financial Guides and has been in financial services for over 23 years. She’s author of Financial Foundations books, written to help kids learn about money in a fun, [...]