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How I Made Weight Loss Surgery Work For Me – Part 2

So what does your personality type have to do with choosing the type of weight loss surgery that will work for you?

In a word – EVERYTHING!

There are many types of personality assessment systems that offer insight into human behavior and motivation, and this kind of insight can help you make decisions about what’s right for you in many areas of your life – your job, personal relationships, etc. But have you ever considered that just as your personality type is important in career and business success, it can also be helpful in making choices about your health?

One of my favorite personality systems and the one I use most often was created by Florence Littauer. Her book, “Personality Plus”, introduced her theory of four dominant personality types: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. Each of the personality types have distinctive strengths and challenges, and every person has aspects of multiple types within their personality. We each will have one dominant type, and 1 or 2 sub types.

Each personality type handles information slightly differently, has different needs for interaction and solitude, and can help to indicate a person’s success in their activities and endeavors. Let’s look briefly at each personality type and how the personality might affect an individual’s readiness and success level with weight loss surgery.

Sanguine personality types are outgoing, fun-loving and personable. This individual might not be too interested in the clinical details of weight loss surgery, but the opportunity to interact in a group setting and having support staff working with them who are also personable and outgoing will definitely increase their comfort level, their satisfaction with a program, and their success. If you resonate with this personality type, ensure that you have opportunities to discuss your situation with others that you can relate to. In-person would be best, as this personality type thrives on human interaction.

If you resonate with this personality type, be sure to locate and take advantage of options that let you interact with others. You may even find that individual counseling or coaching works well for you. Sharing your stories of success and challenge and gaining strength from the experiences of others will also help you to achieve your goals. Utilize the creative part of your personality by incorporating vision boards into your personal support system and truly “see” your success even before it arrives.

Choleric personality types are powerful, authoritative, and action-oriented. This individual will “take charge” of their surgery journey and create actions plans to help them move forward. They might be more likely to challenge medical staff on the reasons why things are done the way that they are and will set timetables for themselves and the goals they want to achieve. This personality type is self-directed and may find less need for group interactions, but will still need support.

If you resonate with this personality type, be sure to gather all the information you need to create your plan – online resources, your medical support team, and other individuals who have achieved the success you’d like to have will be important factors in your success. One caution – if your plans need to be adjusted or modified, allow yourself room to do that. Don’t get so locked onto a certain date or a specific result that you beat yourself up for not achieving 100% of your goal. Remember that baby steps forward are still steps forward!

Stay tuned for Part 3, where we’ll discuss the Melancholy and Phlegmatic personality types and provide tips to help make weight loss surgery work for them!

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