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How I Made Weight Loss Surgery Work For Me – Part 3

The final two personality types.

In Part 1 and 2 of this article, we discussed how important mindset can be in raising your chances of success with weight loss surgery, and how your personality type can affect your chances of success beyond surgery. We’ve covered two of the four personality types mentioned by Florence Littauer in her book, ‘Personality Plus’, and how aspects of those personalities can affect your decision to have weight loss surgery.

Now, let’s cover the final two personality types – Melancholy and Phlegmatic – and see how they can increase their chances for success as well.

“Melancholy” personality types are not sad, the term melancholy in this context means that they are more cerebral, with a strong emphasis on thinking, evaluation and assessment. This personality type will gather as much available information as they can before making a decision to ensure it’s the right one for them. They might look into research studies on weight loss surgery, evaluate findings from clinical reports published in medical journals, and seek out statistics on long-term patient results.

If this personality type resonates with you, you are likely to do a lot of research before making a final decision and will be one of the best-informed patients your medical team has ever encountered. You will leave few stones unturned in your quest for information, because information is key to your feeling prepared and comfortable. Unless you are facing a very serious health crisis that prompts your surgery to happen more quickly, go ahead and do your research, but don’t take so long that you miss your opportunity. Try to avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ and get enough good information to make the decision that will help you improve your health and well-being.

“Phlegmatic” personality types are very laid-back and easygoing. They might need a push or two to get them moving along in their process, and it might even be someone in their life that helps push them along toward completing the pre-surgery processes and into finally moving forward. They are peace-seekers and do not really like conflict. This individual will need calm and positive encouragement – sometimes one-on-one – to help them stay focused. Stronger, dominant personalities in a group setting will encourage this person to simply withdraw or “go along with the crowd.”

If this personality type resonates with you, you may delay making the decision to have surgery until a crisis occurs or until someone in your life tells you how important you are to them and how important this procedure can be to your life. You are likely more comfortable doing things for others than yourself. I encourage you to develop a healthy bit of selfishness and do this for you. No matter how much you might love to serve others and care for them, you can’t do it unless and until you are strong enough and healthy enough to do so.

My personality is a combination of Choleric (bossy!) and Sanguine (people-loving) so being in charge of my eating habits, exercise and lifestyle changes was important to me. I also found great benefit in group sessions where I could bounce ideas and solutions off of others. Whatever your personality type (or combination) seek out the information and processes you need to make an informed and intelligent decision about your health. Weight loss surgery can be a lifesaver – if you are prepared for it and take appropriate action.

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