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Developing Successful Happy Students

Podcast: Developing Successful Happy Students

Listen Here: Happiness expert and children’s author of You’re Special Wherever You Are, Kita Szpak, who has taught at the public and high school level, is here with us today to talk about the significance of having happy students in our [...]
Podcast: Student Athlete Catch 22

Podcast: Student Athlete Catch 22

Listen Here: Nick Savage is the founder and CEO of The League Inc., and the Executive Director of The League of Extraordinary Athletes, a non-profit that focuses on delivering concierge services to student-athletes and artists to achieve a [...]

Laughter: Medicine For The Body And Soul

Having grown up in a bright purple house, my mother was a costumer for the local Theater Guild. Every holiday she decorated the large pink ceramic pig in our front yard and I thought we were normal. I was always voted class clown and made sure [...]

An Attempt To Wear The Shoes

As a coach and parent of children with ADHD, I sometimes struggle with understanding how they really feel. Using supportive measures to help the client with stated goals is part of what we do as ADHD coaches.  But let’s face it, when you [...]