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Podcast: Student Athlete Catch 22

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Podcast: Student Athlete Catch 22Nick Savage is the founder and CEO of The League Inc., and the Executive Director of The League of Extraordinary Athletes, a non-profit that focuses on delivering concierge services to student-athletes and artists to achieve a life beyond sports, and the arts. He’s discussing the catch 22 of the student athlete.  

Student Athlete Catch 22

  • Does the League of Extraordinary Athletes have a system that the individual, the family or organization can follow?
  • What advice do you have for parents just starting out in the world of youth sports and other extra curriculum activities? What is the one component parents should emphasize?
  • How do you avoid the pitfalls of student pressures, family burnout and manage expectations?
  • As a parent, coach and leader what do you feel is the key ingredient to help kids to achieve today to their full potential?

You can find more information about Nick Savage, The League Inc. and his work at www.all-academic-sports.com and the join The League of Extraordinary Athletes at www.enlightanddine.com to get access and opportunities to speak with his powerful network and constellation of stars.

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