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Happy New Year Every Day

Carla woke up on New Years day not feeling like she was going to have a good day. She didn’t want to start the New Year feeling badly because it might be an omen of things to come. What if we treated every new years day as just another [...]

ObamaCare And Our Healthcare Crisis

ObamaCare has been limping along for a few weeks now, creating the much-anticipated havoc in many of our lives. Some of us will pay a lot more for insurance that covers less, while others will actually have affordable coverage for some of their [...]

3 Secrets To A Loving And Lasting Partnership

When you first start out in relationship, everything is new and exciting. It’s an infinitely fresh journey of exploration with your significant other. As you grow together, the relationship goes through many phases, challenges, and triumphs. After [...]

Weight Loss Supplements

Every day someone comes to me with a question about the latest weight loss fad. Garcinia cambogia, acai, and green coffee extract are just the latest in a long line of hundreds of other supplements people have tried for quick weight loss over [...]

Life Is Not Fair – Why Bother?

A client of mine asked an interesting question one day. She had been feeling ill and dealing with the question of what was wrong. She asked me, “What is the point of trying to eat healthy food, exercising regularly, and generally living a [...]

5 Ways To Find Hope

In the movie Forest Gump, the main character is so wonderful because he always has a positive attitude. Many things happen to him in his journey but he never loses his positive outlook. He maintains his innocence throughout the story. Our world [...]

3 Healthy Habits For Releasing Negative Emotions

When was the last time you scheduled an “emotional work out session”? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your emotions, but rather respond or react to them as life happens. Finding ways to manage your [...]