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Podcast: Let Your Love Of Social Media Communication Help You Face To Face

Listen Here: Patricia Weber is the author of the upcoming book Communication ToolKit for Introverts: Top Skills for Everyday Business Success, who specializes in inspiring introverts to live life at full throttle! In this podcast, Patricia [...]

Is There A Time & Place For An Apology?

It’s all over the news: Lance Armstrong mea culpa for his doping habit in a taped interview with Oprah. Sounds like it might be a hollow apology doesn’t it?  Some have said it’s likely some kind of publicity stunt. Others [...]

Ring In The Holidays With Your Unique Musical Inspiration

Ring in the holidays as you ring out the old. This festive time of year includes parties, or celebrating quietly or the enjoyment of listening to some fabulously uplifting music. Whether you’re more introverted or not, music has many benefits [...]

Holiday Season No-No’s, Limits And Gifts For Introverts And Extroverts To Mix

Mixing the introvert in you and the extrovert in others for the holidays doesn’t have to be contradictory. No way! Remember: it’s a matter of managing our energy that is different. We introverts are just as social, celebratory and [...]

‘Tis The Season For Small Business Online Marketers

It’s that time of the year for memories, doing good and shopping, including – shopping online. By now your own email inbox is inundated with the eye-candy holiday subject lines. If you’re a small business marketer, just follow [...]

Making Halloween the Perfect Addition to An Introverts Holiday List

A holiday for Introverts. Costumes, decorations and trick-or-treating door to door are all just around the corner. So, what are you going to be for Halloween? Egads. As an introvert, an INTJ at that, I’m calculating the different ways [...]

An Introvert Recovery Plan to Manage Your Extroverted Times: House Guests, Traveling or Holidays

Clarify introvert and extrovert traits before you read another article about what you think you know about the label. Inherent in the most accurate definitions, all experts agree that the difference between an introvert and an extrovert has [...]