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Chocolate, Puppies & Dirt Help Avoid Creative Catastrophe

For me they are all linked in their ability to ground my creative fires. You can’t whirl around on the fumes of creative energy all the time. Sooner or later you’ll fly smack into a wall and crash. The graveyard of artists who have is vast. [...]

Labored Days And Skipping Creative Work

Fall brings the annual day to celebrate hard work, by not working. If you’re a working artist you know you’ll pay for skipping studio time. Creative work is hard work. Dancers who miss daily practice will need to stretch harder the next [...]

Old Dogs, New Art Tricks

I’ve found a few new tools to make it possible for me to create something on an almost daily basis. This is a very good practice to incorporate into my routine. Of course, I’ve had some pitfalls to navigate, like learning to use a new portable [...]

Can Politics Affect Creativity?

I woke up this morning thinking about starting my paintings, still stuck in my head and ready for moisture and brushing. Then I turned on the news and heard all the same crap about the presidential and other upcoming elections. “The Final [...]