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Crabs In The Basket: It’s Bigger Than You

Crabs in a basket is a combination of urban legend meets YouTube. While there are a few different versions of the story, (one seen on YouTube) there is one I like best. Picture the kitchen of a restaurant. In a backroom is a basket of crabs, [...]

5 Reasons I Am A Hotel Only Girl And What It Means To You

With every new technology I have tried to embrace the newness. I tried Snapchat and Instagram. Years ago I gave up my beloved flip phone. I have a SMART TV that is smarter than me. I stream Netflix and Amazon like a junkie and I was one of the [...]

It’s The Communication!

“It’s the economy.” The phrase “The economy“, which James Carville had coined as a campaign strategist of Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against sitting President George H. W. Bush, has [...]
You Can’t Always Know – Say Yes Whenever You Can

You Can’t Always Know – Say Yes Whenever You Can

I tell my clients that good things happen when you increase your visibility. The more you are in the spotlight, the more good things happen. I can’t tell clients exactly what will happen, but I guarantee good things of some variety will happen. Recently [...]
The Sign in Front of You: Are You Missing What is Right in Front of Your Eye

The Sign in Front of You: Are You Missing What is Right in Front of Your Eye?

It’s Complicated. After hosting a Saturday event at my office, I had limited time to get to a fundraising GALA. Let me just add at this point to the story, an expensive GALA where the most worthwhile time is the cocktail hour when the networking [...]
Staying Centered in Troublesome Times

Staying Centered in Troublesome Times

With the headlines pounding us with disasters, and a friend or relative opposed to us in political views, and with continuous natural disasters or bad ecological news, it’s hard not to feel affected. Even those who live far from the area of [...]
The Glass Ceiling is Replaced by the Glass Shoe

The Glass Ceiling is Replaced by the Glass Shoe

We have all heard about the glass ceiling. Whether you believe it exists or not, you have heard about it. For those unfamiliar with the term, the glass ceiling is defined as an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, [...]
Campy was Right, I was Wrong and LeBron was

Campy was Right, I was Wrong and LeBron was Somewhere in the Middle

I often talk about sports. I refer to examples in politics too. The main reason I talk about both is that they are such public examples of effective and less than effective communication. Sports is a public example of protecting one’s value [...]

How 21st Century Are You? Or Are You Stuck in the 80’s?

I loved my Daytimer. Perhaps you loved your Franklin planner. I was more efficient with my beloved Day-timer than I am with my Smart phone, smart as it is. Even though I could take out my Day-Timer and make an appointment faster than those at [...]

Postcard from Italy: Fall 2015

Rome, Italy – You might have expected Roman eyes to be fixed on giant TVs blaring every word, move and inch of the motorcades last week as Pope Francis wowed Washington, New York and Philly. Indeed, Italian media coverage of the historic [...]


By now, everyone knows that a fly-by of Pluto occurred on July 14th, 2015. A spacecraft reached this orbiting body at the far outskirts of our solar system, and sent back wonderfully detailed pictures revealing for the first time a lovely vast [...]

Sweating to Get a Workout

Four times a week I slip out of the house and drive to a place where I’d rather not be seen. I check the rearview en route, though I know it’s silly. No one would be shocked or upset to learn where I go. Or would they? Outwardly they’d [...]

You Against Yourself: Which Wolf Wins?

At one point in history, President Thomas Jefferson faced a national crisis. He said, “We have a wolf by the ears; he’s too dangerous to keep and he’s even more dangerous if we let him go.” Jefferson also spoke about his own battles [...]

Karma Isn’t Hell, Nor Is It Something You Give To Others

There are a lot of misunderstandings about karma. I’ve heard people tell me they’d like some of that karma, they need karma… like it was protein! I’ve heard others say, I’m going to send good karma your way… like it was a Hallmark [...]

In Cahoots With The Universe

Those who know me are used to hearing me talk about the universe did this, and the universe did that. I feel I’m in a relationship with greater forces, and that, so long as I align my consciousness with this field of energy and its many paths [...]

Blizzard of Nasty Tweets Prompts Call for Cyber Civility

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” -British environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy It began with the threat of a December snowstorm. Then the student tweets started falling, some crude, some threatening. “Just remember [...]

A Super (Bowl) Lesson In Personal Branding

Back in the day – like maybe five years ago – it took a bit longer for an athlete, celebrity or CEO to wreck his or her reputation. Heading into this year’s Super Bowl, we’re reminded again of how fast news travels in the digital [...]

Wanted: Leadership In The Nation’s Capital

Heard the joke about the Redskins? Evidently the team, due to the hatred, violence and hostility tied to its name, is dropping the word “Washington.” That of course would leave only “Redskins,” a name reviled by Native Americans and [...]

Detergent Pods: Use With Extreme Caution

For those stuck doing the laundry, they’re great – the most concentrated liquid detergents ever created. They’re convenient, pre-measured, and easy to use. Each is sealed in a film that dissolves in hot or cold water. Or – [...]

What’s REAL-LY Happening?

I have a real problem.  It is really, really bothering me and for real it’s getting worse! It all came boiling up in me today!  I saw one of those “Buy on TV” commercials and couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  It [...]

Carlos Danger Report Directly To Stupid Prison: 5 Things We Can Learn From The Sexting X-Congressman

As long as there are politicians there will be political fodder. As long as there are human beings there will be examples of people falling and failing and flailing. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner certainly fell in the category of the falling [...]

Where Does It Irk Ya, Baby?

As a reinvention expert, I am often honored to lead others on a path of self-discovery as they embark on the next chapter in their lives. Among other exercises, one I highly recommend for those who “don’t have a clue” as to what they want [...]

Blueberry Muffins

It was Sunday night and my family and I were settling in getting ready for another big week. This week was definitely going to be another busy one, there were dinners to make, money to make, things to clean, kids to clean, laundry to do, essays [...]