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Staying Centered in Troublesome Times

Staying Centered in Troublesome TimesWith the headlines pounding us with disasters, and a friend or relative opposed to us in political views, and with continuous natural disasters or bad ecological news, it’s hard not to feel affected.

Even those who live far from the area of greatest catastrophe, or whose daily life is more or less insulated from the protests and demonstrations by antagonistic camps, still feel agitated. It is the tone of our times, the temperament of our era.

Is there some way, then, to find calm and feel level regardless of this news?  Yes. It requires a great awareness and a measure of self-discipline, but it is available. And also encouraged as part of the next evolutionary step on our planet.

Let me digress a bit to speak of the nature of thought. During my own journey to higher awareness or deeper understanding, I was given instructions by my internal spirit guides that I must ponder the very idea of thought-production. It was something to which I had never heretofore paid the slightest whiff of attention! Several messages drove home that thoughts have different qualities: some with greater impact, others just some vaporous processing the day’s events; some carried more weight while others were feather-light. Some thoughts were so profound they could change the nature of your being and the path of your journey, while others were trivial, barely requiring notice. It was as though, I was being taught, thoughts had qualities and were not all equal.

Furthermore, I was informed that the rate of thought can be sped up or slowed down, and that would depend upon, among other things, your emotional state. Agitation created an accelerated rate of thought-production whereas peaceful meditation aligned with one’s heartbeat stretched thoughts out and decreased the amount that were being generated.

Let’s come back to the point of handling today’s stressful world.

Once one understands that thought-production does not have to be unconscious, it does not have to be at the mercy of your emotional state, and it doesn’t all carry the same significance, then one can pick and choose one’s thoughts. I have even found myself, when agitated over an incident that has just happened, or a boulder in the way of improving a relationship, or similar situations, that I can realize in the next thought that tomorrow or even a few hours hence, none of this will matter. Its pressing urgency might be just a state of mind, and not a current reality.

Therefore, I have found and learned that I can pick and choose my thoughts, at will, as I desire, and not as the world is foisting upon me. This gives me, of course, greater control and surprisingly leads to far more happiness. In my latest book, “The Wisdom Keys”, I refer to this ability to choose one’s thoughts, instantaneously shifting from negative to positive or at least neutral, as the Quantum Shift. There are techniques to practice and learn this ability, but it is available to anyone who chooses its way.

The mind creates reality, but so many of us go through life thinking our mind, which is producing thoughts, is running the show.

The truth is that our inner deepest self can run the show and keep us serene regardless of the maelstroms by which we are surrounded. It’s hard to be calm in the face of terror; it’s hard to be calm in the face of zealous partisanship; it’s hard to be calm seeing another eco-disaster.  But this is not the knowledge by which you save the world. This is first the knowledge by which you save yourself. Then other things can follow.

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