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How A Peppermint Patty Changed My Life

This post could also be titled “Why you should answer the door when some little kid rings your doorbell.” Okay, so maybe the peppermint patty did not actually change me, but it sure had a huge impact on my life. It all started when [...]

Never Give Up!

What would you do if you woke up one morning and those most precious to you were gone? “Kidjacked” is the true account of how Scott Lesnick persevered, not once but twice, to get his two small children back to the United States [...]

Lessons From A Boxing Legend

Flashes of light were going off all around me. It was our big night. After hundreds of hours of work, my book launch event was finally happening. Truthfully, I was intimidated. All my life I was a behind the scenes guy, now I was front and center.       [...]