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Lessons From A Boxing Legend

Flashes of light were going off all around me.

It was our big night. After hundreds of hours of work, my book launch event was finally happening. Truthfully, I was intimidated. All my life I was a behind the scenes guy, now I was front and center.      

After my first few interviews I felt more relaxed. That was until he walked in. It was Mickey Ward, retired American junior welterweight professional boxer and a former WBU champion, and the inspiration for Mark Wahlberg’s “The Fighter”. He was a confirmed guest to the event, but his aura exceeded anything I had ever expected.

Mickey was extremely supportive as he took photos with the book, friends and family.  He even allowed me to interview him on camera.  Being in his presence was surreal for me as I was truly living in a parallel universe.

But the real learning started once the camera was turned off.  The crowd dispersed a bit so it was only Mickey and I chatting as if we were old friends.  The first question I asked was about his trilogy with the late Arturo Gatti.  They were adversaries at first and after three fights that were dubbed the “fights of the century”, they became the closest of friends.  They respected each other tremendously and now Ward was back in Hoboken, NJ, Arturo’s old stomping ground.

Mickey offered me some great advice that night. Whether it’s boxing, sales or anything worth succeeding at, he said the secret was simply “Never, ever give up”.  There will be times that you feel low and it seems like the world is against you, but “never give up, because it’s what’s inside that makes the difference. It’s that burning desire to win at all costs that makes the difference”.

If I could only explain the look in his eyes as he was sharing this piece of knowledge with me- focused and intense; as if we in the middle of a title fight.  He asked me what I’m passionate about, I told him I love to help people succeed.  But I told him that it’s a crowded space as every laid-off executive is a now a “consultant”.

He looked me right me in the eye and said “believe in yourself and never give up”.  I know this is obvious, but saying it and doing it the biggest difference of how you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

These were the great words of wisdom from “The Fighter” that I want to share with you as well -continue your march and never, ever give up.

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