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Flushed Out & Fabulous!

So, what does unjunking yourself do? It peels away the crap you’ve surrounded yourself with for months, sometimes YEARS. Layer by layer the lies you’ve been telling yourself and the fat you’ve been trying to protect yourself [...]

Un-junking Myself

I’ve made a decision. After years of dieting, intermittent exercise and countless amounts of processed, fried and toxic foods crammed down my pie hole, it’s time to replenish my body with what I’ve stripped away through hazardous, [...]

Rationalization Nation

Hey that person’s fat too . . . and so is that one! I’m not nearly THAT big! I’ve got a ways to go . . . Screw salad. “I’ll have a cheese burger and fries, please. After the nachos come out, of course.” That’s [...]


When you have a big chunk . . . CHUNK CHUNK (Sloth voice from the Goonies – involuntary word association, sorry) . . . of weight to lose, it looks, feels and sounds IMPOSSIBLE. Especially when you’ve been there, done that and have [...]

The Dreaded Butt Print…

Microfiber couches. Oh how I loathe thee. The genius who developed this material as a selection for sofas and other furniture designed to be sat on was not fat. Obviously. If they were they never would have condemned big bottomed girls to the [...]

Trying To Wing WING NIGHT . . .

Bad idea. For about a year and a half, the hubs and I have been slathering ourselves in smoky, tangy, spicy sauces nearly every Wednesday night at this delicious sports bar that just happens to be less than two miles from our place. These cheap, [...]