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Be Gracious – Especially When Things Don’t Work Out as You Hoped

It’s a week after the election and Mitt Romney continues to put his foot in his mouth. In a call with big donors to his campaign the other day he said, “The president’s campaign, if you will, focused on giving targeted groups a [...]

The Importance of Leaving It All on the Field

In his concession speech Tuesday night Mitt Romney said that he and Paul Ryan “left everything on the field” during the recent presidential campaign. And from what I can tell, they did.  They even broke tradition by campaigning on election [...]

Romney’s Saturn-Pluto on Obama’s Sun-Mercury

Romney’s One-Two Debate Punch: Can He Do It Again? There was a lot of surprise during and after the First Presidential Debate when Gov. Mitt Romney clobbered Pres. Barack Obama with words and facts.  Not many had expected the widely agreed-upon [...]