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The Midlife Sage: A Thanks And An Apology To My Former Teachers

As teachers prepare to return to work, and I’d like to remind them that their labors are not in vain. Someday, maybe forty years from now, they will receive a thank you and/or apology from former students who have succeeded in life without [...]

The Midlife Sage: Granny’s Guidelines For Graduates

I’m the commencement speaker next week at the College of Southern Idaho. I could tell them they are doomed, there aren’t any jobs, the country is on the brink of destruction, they’ll never get out of debt, and they should move into the [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Plan Your Own Play Day

Local children get all excited when the schools are closed for a snow day. As an evolving curmudgeon, I snort with scorn because in my day we walked miles through a blizzard for the privilege of going to school so we could postpone our chores [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: How to Raise Amazing Children

My son works in law enforcement. His job often requires him to enter homes where good parenting skills aren’t a priority. It’s difficult to prepare a nutritious family meal when the kitchen has been converted into a meth lab and the toddler [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Make Your Own Music In 2013

The songs of the holidays. I grew up listening to The Captain and Tennille singing about “Muskrat Love” and The Carpenters warbling “Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad.” I believe those two songs were solely responsible [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Tell Your Story In A December Journal

Put down your peppermint schnapps and find a quiet place so you can write about the past year. Summarize all the fun and fabulous, the rotten and wretched, and the clever and comedic parts of 2012. Then hide your journal, go back to the party, [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Share Some Time, Beer and/or Pie with Your Mother-in-law

Unless your mother-in-law is a convicted felon or a pole dancer at the Kit Kat Klub, you should try and spend quality one-on-one time with her. After all, she raised the person you married. If she lives far away, keep in contact with letters, [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Write – But Don’t Send – That Snarky Email

Most of you can relate to this egregious error: Some fool offends you on a bad day so you have no other option but to get revenge with the instant brass knuckles available through the Internet. Normally a sweetheart, you suddenly morph into [...]