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Revelations: The Importance Of Reconnecting, Remembrance & Reflection

October was an odd month for me, it was at it’s a core a month of remembrance. Early in the month, I was contacted via FB by someone who was seeking out an Alison he once knew and based upon our subsequent heartfelt, albeit short-lived, correspondence [...]

Podcast: Live The 5 Star Life!

Listen Here: Marjorie Hope Rothstein is a professional Life Stylist, boomer-consumer expert and columnist who focuses on cutting edge breakthroughs in health, wellness and beauty for the boomer consumer. She urges everyone to live the 5 Star [...]

Podcast: What Matters

Listen Here: Stephen Garrett is a trainer, speaker, coach, and author of the recently published book When Death Speaks, Listen, Learn, and Love. In this podcast, Stephen discusses how the fear of death holds us back from living a full life [...]