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Podcast: What Matters

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Stephen Garrett is a trainer, speaker, coach, and author of the recently published book When Death Speaks, Listen, Learn, and Love.

In this podcast, Stephen discusses how the fear of death holds us back from living a full life and examines how listeners can deal with fears so they can live more freely.

What Matters

  • Why does fear of dying hold us back from living fully?
  • What gift does death leave behind?
  • Why do people ignore the inevitable?
  • What is the first step to embracing our ultimate end?
  • How can you be inspired by the loss of a loved one?

To learn more about Stephen, please visit EmbraceYourDeath.com and you can purchase his new book, When Death Speaks, Listen, Learn, and Love at FriesenPress.com, Amazon.ca and Chapters.ca.

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