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Be The Author Of Your Life Story

Podcast: Be The Author Of Your Life Story

Listen Here: Clinical Psychologist, Karmon Sears Psy.D. says this year has been stressful for many people due to political, social, and economic changes. Some may feel out of control, burned out, fatigued, anxious, depressed, or exhausted. [...]

Transformations Happen One Day, One Meal, One Workout, One Decision At A Time

Everybody wants to lose weight or transform into leaner, toned versions of themselves. Unfortunately, few are willing to work for it. “I’ll do this water diet and lose weight fast!” or “I’ll get liposuction so I [...]

The Weight Battle: Are You In The Fight?

Spring brings to mind new beginnings and fresh starts. It is a time to take a look at all the old stuff that is weighing us down or creating a barrier to new, healthier experiences.  As I cleaned my garage the other weekend and certain rooms [...]

Blessings From Bad Circumstances

Staying positive. Many of my clients and some of my acquaintances find it hard to stay positive in these recent months after the Sandy Hook shootings and the Mall Massacre and economic hard times.  In her lyrics, Laura Story asks, “What [...]

Winning the Weight War

First, ask yourself a question. What happens when you reach that goal?  Will you go back to your old habits? Stop exercising? Will you resume eating high calorie, high fat, processed foods? Go back to sugar loaded carbonated drinks?  You will [...]

Healthcare Roundup

It was a fight from the beginning. Even though I tried to be stealth about it, he knew. Today, was the day to take my cat for his annual health check.  Animals are not so different than their human counter parts. It was a struggle to get Max [...]