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Transformations Happen One Day, One Meal, One Workout, One Decision At A Time

Everybody wants to lose weight or transform into leaner, toned versions of themselves.

Unfortunately, few are willing to work for it. “I’ll do this water diet and lose weight fast!” or “I’ll get liposuction so I can get rid of my stomach” or “I need these new drops or fat burners I saw on tv”.

Quick and sometimes dangerous fixes that take the weight off, but as soon as you stop the pills, severely low-calorie plan, or using other drastic means, the weight returns. Why?

The weight returns because no long-term lifestyle changes were made.

If you are still eating like an obese person and sitting on the couch, then you will NOT stay skinny. There is no magic, only hard work and dedication.

People often ask how I lost the weight. They don’t want to hear about eating healthy 80% of the time and exercising 5-6 days a week. Truthfully, when I was overweight, neither did I.

I needed to believe I could eat McDonald’s nearly everyday, drink sodas daily, eat cookies and simple carbs to my heart’s content, and not work out more than 2-3 times a week. I wanted the magic. So I chased the magic and stayed overweight, sluggish, and self-conscious.

When I finally lost the weight, I had used an extremely low-calorie (500-900) diet that was doctor supervised.

I felt tired all the time and did not look healthy. My skin did not glow. I found out I was borderline anemic and attribute it to that diet. I DID learn how my body processed food and what would likely cause weight gain, but I still was not committed to healthy eating or exercise.

Everything changed in April 2013. My Aha! Moment. It finally clicked that exercise and nutrition go together. I was using a protein shake, but this one had super nutrients and none of the fillers or sugar that most of the ones on the market had. It killed my cravings. I then began eating healthier.

It got to the point that I craved fruits and vegetables instead of sugar, bread, and cookies. In fact, now, many of my vices are no longer appealing. I still have to watch bread & cookies, but they do not have a hold on me. I can have single servings or have them once in a while. Now, I have fun finding & trying new recipes with great flavors.

My attitude about exercise also changed.

Now, I feel bad if I miss exercising. I look forward to it. I learned to appreciate exercising at 5:30 in the morning! My workouts are a mix of cardio, resistance training, jogging, biking, hiking & volleyball.

I’m always setting and beating my own personal records. I compete with myself primarily, but I also compete with my sister. We push each other. I get inspired by other fitness coaches & by those I coach.

So if you are looking for magic, look within yourself. If you want the TRANSFORMATION, you must WORK FOR IT! If you need motivation or inspiration, then get a Coach and join a support group. Go get your transformation!

Karmon Sears is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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