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Iron In Your Coffee

Coffee is a love affair for me. I love the smell, I love the flavor. I love the ritual enjoyed daily making my sacred cup. But like all love affairs, my obsession with coffee has its dark side, and I’m not talking a roast choice.   Coffee, [...]

The Compliment Jar

Feeling defeated is effortless. On the other hand, seeing the progress I am making, or remembering the achievements that are mine to claim as I push forward toward my dreams, when I am in the thick of going for my goal, is often impossible.  [...]

Leaning In

I think circumstances that find us at our most alone, while they may be pitch black dark, can be such a blessing. Is that an odd thing to find?  Ok, possibly so. My point is, and I am thinking about my own experience from 2009, that once we [...]

A Big No-No Becomes a Big Oh Yes, You Better

The power of daydreaming Lost in thought I am meandering down a misty path from my childhood. Echoes of powdery scented schoolmarms in the carefully contained prettiness of Aqua-Net hairdos wear home-sewn dresses from the latest Vogue pattern, [...]

5 Fashion Rules No Longer In Fashion

Never Wear White After Labor Day Pish posh. I love white on white. It is elegant, chic, simple and rich. And if I am wearing a white shirt, white pants and it happens to be snowing? So be it! Bring it on, Jack Frost. Shoes and Bags Must Match Nice [...]