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How To Meditate Part III: Mindfulness Of Feelings

In a previous post, I explored the first foundation of mindfulness, mindfulness of the body. The second foundation of mindfulness is mindfulness of feelings. Just as many of us learned as children to disconnect from our body, we also learned [...]

How to Meditate Part II: Mindfulness of the Body

The body is our greatest source of internal wisdom. The body provides our most immediate experience of the present moment. What is required on our part is a willingness to pay attention and listen. Unfortunately, many of us have learned—through [...]

How to Meditate: Part I—Awareness of Breath Meditation

In my last post, 5 Things You Can Do to Live a Mindful Life, I explored ways that we can live mindfully. The first of those 5 things is to cultivate a formal mindfulness meditation practice, because the formal practice serves as a training ground [...]

5 Things You Can Do to Live a Mindful Life

Mindfulness—lately it’s become a hot topic of conversation in book clubs and popular magazines. Last weekend someone even brought it up in conversation at a party. If you haven’t attended a mindfulness class and you’re wondering what [...]