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Podcasts: Secrets To Staying Young

Listen Here: Anti-aging and Beauty Expert, Jackie Silver, is a frequent television and radio guest, contributor to and featured expert on numerous beauty, lifestyle and anti-aging websites, including her anti-aging column on JenningsWire. Jackie [...]

The Power Of Protein

Those guys in the gym slurping down their protein shakes might be onto something. This is according to a study done by Italian researchers and published in the journal Cell Metabolism.* Protein is a building block for our muscles, bones, cartilage, [...]

Are You Developing Smart Phone Neck?

Um, hello, up here! Hi! Nobody looks up anymore. Everyone is too busy looking down at their smart phones, laptops and tablets – texting, reading, flirting, browsing, shopping, playing games, watching videos and more. You could be at risk [...]

Aging Backwards Shortcuts

Melatonin is better than counting sheep. Melatonin is a hormone that your brain makes to control your sleep and wake cycles. As we age, all of our body’s hormone levels change. WebMD.com reports that, “Natural melatonin levels slowly [...]