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Are There Metaphysical Ways To Protect Yourself From Illness?

Are There Metaphysical Ways To Protect Yourself From Illness?

Among the challenges of today’s world, the threat of disease – especially in the form of the Ebola virus – is an intense one. We have previously faced pandemics such as AIDS, the ever-present problem of cancer, and multiple other physical [...]

Building Our Own Sandwiches

Once when I was in San Francisco with my sister and niece to eat out, we frequently chose Subway sandwiches. I had eaten there many times before but for some reason this one hunger trip to the restaurant was going to be different. As I watched [...]

Deluded? Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things

The other day I saw the movie Before Midnight. If you like dialogue and character development movies, it’s a great flick.  It takes an unflinching look at relationships: the bad, the mundane and the good. Ethan Hawke is the male lead.  At [...]

It Is Time

The verdict was in. I was handed the key to my cure for my epileptic seizures and all I had to do was conquer the stress in my life. The doctors recommended a psychiatrist but because I was denied the surgery that could do the job quicker, [...]

A Battle! An Awakening! A Relationship! A Triumph!

Can a small choice change the course of our lives? I was speechless for minutes when I held the phone close to my ear and listened to Lauren Miller’s dramatic and powerful story. Believe me this event does not happen to me very often. I don’t [...]