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Are There Metaphysical Ways To Protect Yourself From Illness?

Among the challenges of today’s world, the threat of disease – especially in the form of the Ebola virus – is an intense one.

Are There Metaphysical Ways To Protect Yourself From Illness?We have previously faced pandemics such as AIDS, the ever-present problem of cancer, and multiple other physical disorders plaguing our everyday lives, but it seems that the most recent scare is of a virus that kills and has little in the way of medical antidote as yet.

So, what if anything are the inner steps you can take that might shield you from disease and protect the cells of your body from attack?

In metaphysics, it’s long been known that spiritual development alters the nature of your blood; it fundamentally changes the cells in the body.  Through an understanding of what it is to have an elevated consciousness, plus certain direct techniques of visualization and breathing, and certainly the control of fear and anxiety and the enhancement of the function known as faith, any individual can make changes within that are protective.

As humans composed of protoplasm, we are in vehicles with some basic weaknesses, but we are also capable of mastering these vehicles on the cellular level and within the mind – that is, the framework of one’s reality – to keep oneself safe.

I once saw a video clip in a museum of actual white blood cells on the attack against an intruding cell that might have been a bacterium.  That cell acted exactly as an intruder hiding behind walls of microscopic tissue, and playing a cat-and-mouse game with the valiant white blood cells.  And I watched what can only be described as cellular intelligence as these microscopic entities cornered and then destroyed the intruder.  To me, it looked no different than a TV cop show with the good guys winning and the bad guys trying to do their nefarious deeds while on the run.  This gave me an appreciation on a visceral level of what’s going on in our blood stream, or what’s going on on the cellular level.

The mind can visualize and enhance the energy given to our own immune system but in order to do this, first we need to take certain interior psychological steps.

Number One, we must identify negative emotions that course through our system as chemicals, debilitating, depressing the immune system, and working at cross purposes to our health.  These negative emotions can be recognized and named: nervousness, anxiety, fear, resentment, ingratitude, anger.  A great secret is that, once recognized, you can call a halt.  You don’t have to stay in that emotion; you can just tell yourself to move into a better place – if not a happy place, at least a neutral place.

Number Two, you need to identity certain thoughts, often habitual, that keep throwing you into this negativity.  There are a million thoughts that can do this, but they go round and round in a loop, get you absolutely nowhere except stuck in the same problem, the same worry, the same dark narrative in your mind, and they contribute greatly to your low state of mind, or low vitality.  Again, by recognition and by interior effort, you can stop such thoughts.  You can just neutralize them, or use any device that puts you in a clearer and more mellow frame of mind.  You can even say “cancel cancel”, or hit the delete button in your brain.

Once you have done these two important, vital steps, now you are ready to build your shield of immunity.

Inwardly, you visualize your cells full of more light – abundant light – and on the attack against intruders while radiating healthy energy throughout your tissues.  In your mind, in the meantime, you make a pronounced effort to stay away from anxiety or fear no matter what the news headlines say, or even if you have some aches and pains.  You stay healthy by believing you are healthy!  You avoid creating disease by staying at ease.  The harmony within is the key to protection against all exterior manifestations of ill health and negativity.

Not platitudes!  This is the real work: the reframing of reality, and the shielding of the physical vehicle.  Try it!  You can and will succeed.

Ebola may in the news, but it will stay far away from you!

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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