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Faith in Unconditional Universal Love

The world is consistently aiming to push us back into the benevolence. The stars woo us to remember all we ask is here. The doves sing to our hearts, asking us to hear the grace in each silent second. The winds grab our arms, embrace our backs, [...]


“I saw her. I talked to her. I put antifreeze in her car, for Heaven’s sake!” It may have indeed been for “Heaven’s sake,”that unexplainable day my pastor experienced. Pastor B., as we call him, is one of the most down [...]

Discovering Life’s Phone Number

Most people talk to God, pray to God or communicate in various ways to the creator of the universe—hoping that such a greater power exists to listen to them. Some beg God to save them or help them at some point in their lives.  Others beseech [...]

Does Praying Help?

Most of us have done a major plea to the Universe when we’re in an extreme situation. “God, help me! I’ve lost control of the car, make me safe, make me safe…” sweating out the seconds until you are finally stopped, shaking and [...]

Welcome To Camp Grace

One summer, my foster sisters and I were sent to camp for four days, though we had no desire at all to go. I remember our foster parents overjoyed to have the house to themselves in the coming days, and I also remember them having a family reunion [...]

Podcast: The Forgiving Book

Listen Here: Cindy Karwacki is the author of several books including 12 Steps in 12 Seconds, How to Pray through a Financial Crisis and The Forgiving Book. Cindy discusses the importance of forgiveness and how the inability to forgive [...]

SUSPECT: A Thrilling Tail Of Trust & Faith

Robert Crais’ new thriller SUSPECT arrived in the typical yellow-brown package. I slipped the book out of the crystal bubble interior, gently cracking my copy open to the first page.  I instantly discovered that SUSPECT was anything but typical.  [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Success In 2013

Success In 2013. The pens are out and the fresh tablets are ready. We are chugging away at our plans determined to make 2013 the most successful year of them all. Visionary boards are going up. Brainstorming sessions are in full bloom. We are [...]


“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for faith is to see what you believe.”  Saint Augustine I was walking in Central Park years ago with another mother when our children were only 2 years old.  Her son and my daughter [...]